Oliver Calder

I am an open source software developer working on the snapd team at Canonical. I am also a recent graduate from Carleton College, where I studied mathematics and computer science. My academic interests also include linguistics, and I really enjoy the intersection between these three areas, in particular the encoding, modification, and expression of information through various means, from natural language to cryptography.

I am an avid Linux user and a proponent of open-source software and first-principles problem solving. My languages of choice are Rust, C, and Python, though I can often be found tweaking shell scripts. I have developed an interest in computability theory, and I enjoy trying to solve problems in unconventional ways, such as using Prolog, minimal assembly languages, and Turing machines.

I am passionate about classical music. I am a clarinetist and pianist and an alumn of the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies (GTCYS). I also enjoy climbing, cycling, and reading, and I believe strongly in sustainable communities, transportation, and development.

You can reach me through various media.

Email: oliver@calder.dev

Github: olivercalder

LinkedIn: olivercalder

Mastodon: @oac@fosstodon.org

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